Sen. Sacco is “illegally” proposing that undocumented immigrants get NJ driver’s licenses.

Dear Editor:

Sen. Sacco is “illegally” proposing that undocumented immigrants get NJ driver’s licenses.

State Sen. Nicholas Sacco (D-32), a member of the transportation committee, said, “What it does is protect those people who need to find employment that they will have a valid driver’s license,” in addition to making roads safer.

First of all, what is an “undocumented” immigrant? By definition it is an immigrant who doesn’t have “documentation.” No “documentation” means no “legal” documents to enter the country legally. Right or Wong? But, excuse me Mr. Sacco, last time I looked, crossing the border illegally is a crime; it’s called “8 U.S. Code § 1325. Improper entry by alien,” why don’t you go and look it up.

My personal experience is through my wife and her family who are from Colombia and came here in the late 1960s; they all had to go through vigorous medical exams prior in Colombia and other intensive background checks—with affidavits that they would all have sponsors, housing, and promissory work lined up—which took a good 1-3 years prior to coming to the U.S. legally.

Your proposed bill makes a mockery of the legal pathway for immigrants with officially mandated “documentation” who are presently waiting in line to enter this country: Mr. Sacco “How Fair” is your bill that jumps in front of the “Legal Line”?

The bill that Mr. Sacco is proposing would also shut down I.C.E. — Immigration Crime Enforcement from doing their job when/if illegal immigrants brake the law — for we are a nation of Laws.

Mr. Sacco, you have taken an oath to preserve the U.S. Constitution and the American people, but it’s so obviously clear that you and your party are more concerned about protecting Illegal Immigrants than the American people for two simple reasons: For Party Power & Votes! Shame on you, senator and mayor!

You and your party have lost all sense of Law & Order by pandering in “Media Outlets” to the masses for power, not for America, but for power to control; and is this how you and your party expects to win elections in 2020? Well, Good Luck with that — as for the rest of America — we’ll vote for Law & Order.

You should be more concerned about helping “undocumented immigrants” to become “legal” instead of further breaking the law that you are complicit in by ignoring that they these people crossed our border “Illegally,” and you condone that breaking of the law.

Instead of drivers licenses you should get them into citizenship and civil classes like my wife and her family did when they became naturalized in the United States.

Thank you,

John Amato