Venezuela: A New Cuba?

Dear Editor:

A writer who grew up in Venezuela sends financial aid to his sister who lives there. Under President Maduro, liberties do not exist. There are no freedoms: no teachers, doctors, medicine, hospitals, food, water, arms, or electricity. There is no free speech.

Replacing toilet paper with cash would seem an extremely affluent action in most countries but in Venezuela it’s now the financially prudent thing to do.

Hyperinflation which is set to rise to 1,000,000 percent and a 3,000 percent rise in the minimum wage by the end of the year has left the average citizen needing a lot of cash to buy not much stuff.

The writer’s sister and 30 other elderly people were incarcerated for eight days for protesting the lack of potable water. We have a socialist element in the America living and breathing in the Democratic Party, and they are influencing our young people to believe that socialism works and is far better than capitalism. The danger in this thinking is one that totally blind to what is happening right now in Venezuela. And their’s is an unrealistic, impractical, and irresponsible utopia where free government handouts “grow on trees.” The progressive left’s credo and mantra of Bernie Sanders, Alexandrian-Ocasio Cortez, “Beto” O’Rourke, and other progressive liberals who are lying to the American people would bankrupt America and drive US into a similar road of despair we see today in Venezuela.

Americans deserve the truth on Venezuela and how 70 percent of the Venezuelan people believe their leaders are corrupt. Over 70 percent of all food in Venezuela is imported, and the military distributers all food to the people with 4 or 5 middle men collecting bribes between the cargo ships and distribution trucks to the people.

Americans deserve the truth, and our 2016 presidential candidates are responsible for providing it, but they are not; instead, they are letting a despot like Nicholas Maduro go unchallenged.

If the situation in Venezuela is left unresolved, it will worsen, and we may have in Venezuela: A New Cuba?

John Amato