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Reflections on Memorial Day


To the Editor:

The United States of America is unique among the countries of this world. Unlike traditional countries like Germany, France or Italy, China Japan or Korea, which were established and developed over thousands of years based on ethnicities and cultures, the USA was founded for one purpose and one purpose only: the establishment of the Constitution of the United States of America.

The citizens of the USA have come from cultures and ethnicities around the world. What joins us is our passion for our constitution that guarantees us the freedom economically and culturally to pursue our individual happiness as long as we do not infringe on someone else’s pursuit of happiness. If we ignore and violate the principals of our constitution we destroy the very reason for the existence of the USA. Whereas traditional Nationalism celebrates a country’s culture and ethnicity, American Patriotism celebrates the establishment of our constitution.

Since the beginning of the 20th century no war the USA engaged in was fought to gain territory. Our brave soldiers have fought to protect American freedoms and to help establish constitutions in other countries mirroring the principals of our own constitution. None of the countries that established new constitutions in the image of our own (i. e. Germany, Japan, South Korea) ever became a militarily aggressive country again. Many critics of the United States consider the USA a militarily aggressive country. These critics unfortunately do not accept that the USA, because of its exceptional status of having been founded to establish the constitution of the United States that protects individual freedoms like no other country in this world, is continuously attacked by countries and movements that are threatened by the example our constitution sets. If we do not defend ourselves against these attacks, we will loose our heritage and special status as example for the rest of the world.

The American Soldier is an honorable fighter for freedom. The American Soldier is also an honorable benefactor. Our soldiers are always the first to aid other nations in their recovery from natural disasters, be it the 2004 tsunami in the Pacific or the many devastations in the Caribbean by hurricanes and earthquakes. Therefore let us all remember our veterans, fallen and alive, for the great service they gave to our nation, the USA, and to the world. Like our constitution so is the American Soldier an example for the world to follow.

Let us all express our most sincere, grateful and heartfelt respect, appreciation and thanks for our Soldiers and Veterans.

Alexander H. Schenk

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