Support Trump’s immigration reform bill

Dear Editor:

Let’s support our president with his proposed merit based immigration reform bill.

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This country can no longer sustain every immigrant fleeing their country for economic reasons when we have so many of our own fellow Americans living in poverty. Any political representative that refuses to support this immigration bill is obviously working against the interest of the American people. Instead of following the rule of law and enforcing an orderly, legal immigration process, they are willing to unleash an unlimited number of poor migrants into this country while we have our own poor population to feed, clothe and educate. How can we take more people in, when you see Americans sleeping on sidewalks, in bus depots and train stations?

You will see these ignorant talking pundits on TV who will proclaim, illegal migration is good for America, yet wouldn’t take any of them into their own households, when they know these migrants take under the table jobs and contribute nothing to the tax base, the schools are crowded with illegal migrants and funded by our property tax dollars, our hospitals are overflowing with uninsured patients, while a single person pays nearly $3000 annually on an employer based health plan and a family plan costs nearly $8000 annually in order subsidize the uninsured. In addition, 25 percent of the prison population are undocumented aliens. Once again, our tax dollars are being frivolously spent when it could be used on better educating our youth. So, in other words, Americans are paying for schools, hospitals and prisons for people who are not supposed to be here in the first place.

The current deterrent of half-baked 9’ foot walls are not enough to protect the American people from all of this lawlessness and drugs pouring into this country and destroying our youth. It is estimated that we currently have 22 million illegal aliens in this country, this is evidence enough that the status quo doesn’t work. Change is needed by reforming our current immigration laws and securing our borders. We are a generous nation by allowing over one million legal immigrants into our country on an annual basis. In order to be a strong nation, we cannot absorb millions more.

Any politician that refuses to acknowledge and vote for comprehensive immigration reform doesn’t deserve to be re-elected because they are serving their own interest and not yours.

Helen Nicpon

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