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Dear Editor:

On this Memorial Day we will remember with prayers and admiration our great veterans who have served our great county and who continue to serve the United States for the preservation of our safety and well being.

As we move forward with the celebration of Memorial Day with barbeques, shopping at malls, etc. we all should take time for prayer and revelation for those veterans lost in all of the campaigns throughout our history, World Wars I and II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm and recently in the Middle East. We must impress upon our young children of the important of our history which includes supreme sacrifices for the protection of our great land.

On a personal note, in the City of Bayonne this past year we lost two gallant veterans, Neil Carroll and Frank Perrucci. These great veterans were an inspiration to all of us and will live on in our hearts and minds.

God Bless all of our veterans past and present and God Bless America.

Juan Perez, Councilmember At Large
City of Bayonne, New Jersey

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