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If the South had won the Civil War


Dear Editor:

John Di Genio (Letters, May 10) says that the Confederate flag has no place in modern America, that “the Confederacy was defeated and the Union has been preserved.” Yes, that’s true, but I, for one, wish the Confederacy had won the Civil War and had seceded from the Union.

The South had every Constitutional right to do so, and Abe Lincoln knew it, but he started the ruinous four-year war not to free the slaves, as we are taught to believe, but to forcefully keep the South from divorcing the North. South saw North as an abusive tyrant, it wanted a divorce, and was willing to fight in order to achieve it. It was not about slavery. Those who fought and died did not own slaves. Slavery was on its way out and in a few years would have been gone without the horrific destruction and bloodshed.

If the South had divorced the North, it would have set an important precedent. Other states and regions, such as the West, the Northwest, the Middle West, New England, might have decided to go their own way too. If that had happened, the U.S. could not have become the Evil Empire, with 800 military bases all over the world, endless war for the benefit of the Military/Industrial/Intelligence Complex, which now milks the country for its benefit, taking 50 cents of every tax dollar.

Wouldn’t it be nice if a Sovereign Northeast (NJ and four other states) had its own passports, its own currency, taxes, laws, its own militia to protect it from the war-crazed psychos in Washington?

T. Weed

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