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QUESTION: In high school baseball, batter squares to bunt leaving the bat motionless over the plate as the pitch is thrown high and out of strike zone. Is the pitch a called strike or ball?

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ANSWER: Despite holding the bat in the path of the pitch and making no effort to swing or tap the ball, the pitch is called a ball based on its location out of the zone (BB- Rule 2, Sec. 8).

QUESTION: In high school softball, batter squares to bunt making no action to swing bat or tap the pitch which is high and outside. Umpire calls pitch a strike. Correct call

ANSWER: Strike is the correct call. Batter must withdraw bat from plate area in order for pitch to be called a ball. Holding the bat in the strike zone is considered an attempted bunt (SB- Rule 2- 8, Art. 1 & 2).

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