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From Nation to Neighborhood

Editor's Letter

Jersey City is well on its way to becoming the biggest city in the state, trailing Newark by a measly 18,000. Its designation as a sanctuary city puts it in the middle of the incendiary immigration debate, and this very diverse town will be watching closely as the U.S. Supreme Court decides if immigration status may be included in the 2020 census. Meanwhile, its embrace of Green New Deal policies connects Jersey City to national and world movements.

That said, people who choose to live in Jersey City are often here for the culture and the community, the excitement of urban life and the comfort of friendly neighborhoods and small-town values.

Despite all this political heavy lifting, we focused on Mayor Fulop’s softer side. Marilyn Baer sat down with Mayor Steve to discuss his most important new job: first-time father.

“Growing in JC” embodies the community spirit that draws newcomers from across the river. Marilyn Baer joined the group for a typical open-mic gathering, all proceeds going to charity.

Tara Ryazansky profiles one of Jersey City’s best-known artists, Nuygen Smith, whose cutting-edge art can be seen in these pages.

Seems like we were on a statue roll this issue. Though lots has been written about the controversy over the moving of our famed Katyn statue, no one has bothered to ask what the artist himself thinks. Rory Pasquariello did just that in an in-depth Q&A with artist Andrew P.

Speaking of controversy, Christopher Columbus himself has come under scrutiny in recent years. Victor M. Rodriguez photographed all the Columbus statues in Hudson County, where old Chris is still a popular guy. There are two in Jersey City.

Now is the season when cyclists dust off their bikes and hit the road. Don’t have a bike? No worries. Citi Bike to the rescue. Rory takes a look at our bike-share program and the infrastructure that supports it.

Enjoy spring and summer in JC. We will be back in the fall with more of what this great town has to offer.


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