Spa Blue

Hector Peralvo
Hector Peralvo

280 Marin Blvd.
(201) 706-2322

Photos by Victor M. Rodriguez

Spa Blue, a one-stop shop for head-to-toe therapeutic treatment, opened its doors last year in Metropolis Towers, one of Jersey City’s older high rises.

At Spa Blue, clients can book a single appointment and choose from a full range of salon options and spa therapies.

While the exterior exudes a 1960s vibe, Spa Blue’s interior has a sleek, minimalist ambiance.

The spa makes the most of limited floor space, working seamlessly to offer full- service hair, nail, facial, and massage treatments.

“In just one visit to one spot, my customers leave beautiful, head to toe,” says owner Hector Peralvo.

He offers 23 hair treatments, eight types of facials, manicures, pedicures, makeup applications, waxing, and six types of massages including chair massages.

Last year, Peralvo’s teen dream became a reality, a long journey that began in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Before he even graduated from high school, he knew he wanted to become a hair stylist.

But he understood why his parents had pressured him to go on to higher education.  So, in 2005, he got an education degree from a college in Ecuador.

A year after graduating and being certified as a Spanish teacher, Peralvo emigrated to the United States, settling several thousand miles away from everything and everyone he’d known.

Cosmetology still beckoned. He couldn’t deny his calling any longer and applied to the Hudson County Schools of Technology’s cosmetology program in Secaucus.

He obtained his license a year after his high stakes, cross-continental move and landed a job as a hairdresser in New York City while living in Jersey City. Ultimately he wanted to open his own local salon.

Ten years ago, Peralvo foresaw Jersey City’s upward mobility. The small-business economy seemed to be on the same trajectory. He decided to invest all he had in the city he’d come to know and love.

“I’ve always liked it here,” he says. “Since I moved here about ten years back, I’ve always seen how nice and beautiful it is. I saw there were new people coming into Jersey City and decided to stay and open up here as I came to know the area. It’s better to stay local. Everything here is run by small businesses.”

Peralvo’s first venture was Posh Hair Studio, which he opened about six years ago. But he thought a good business model would be to combine cosmetology with massage therapy, manicures, pedicures, and spa treatments: an all-in-one place to rejuvenate.

The idea came to him as he got to know his clients, and they told him it was a hassle to book multiple appointments at locations across town, especially in densely populated areas.  But he had to persuade Metropolis Towers’s owner, who had another bidder who wanted to open a deli. The vibe of a salon and spa won out over cold cuts and hot coffee.

Peralvo started Spa Blue from scratch, taking strength from his customers as he met the challenges of starting a new business.

“Right now, we’re sailing,” Peralvo says. “Everything here is so new and fresh, and people are looking to see more unique services here, right where they live.”

The color blue speaks to Peralvo.

“It’s the color of the sky, it’s the color of the sea, and it’s infinite.”—JCM

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