Mayor Stack’s incomparable help to a senior citizen

Dear Editor:

Recently I called Mayor Stack to help resolve an issue that affected a senior citizen in Union City. The mayor asked Lt. Cuelar of the city’s parking authority to look into the matter. I must say, the lieutenant was a professional par excellence. He cleared up the confusion after he knew all the facts. He was very patient and attentive in most respectfully and sensitively handling an issue complicated by memory impairment of the resident. I really appreciated his efforts! And I know that the senior citizen expressed great praise as well.

But I must add that Mayor Stack’s help was incomparable. He is a 24/7 mayor who is a true public servant. He really gives his all to try to help his constituents and the local residents. I know of no other mayor who meets with hundreds of people and answers hundreds of calls to his cell phone or office each week.

It could be seen as unusual but I would also like to add a kind note of recognition for traffic enforcement Officer Jessina Santos. I take nothing away from her fellow officers but Officer Santos is on the job even in the early hours of morning and carries out her duties very thoroughly.
Thank you, Mayor Stack, Lt Cuelar, and Officer Santos.

Tony Squire