Ask the Ump!


QUESTION: In high school, baseball and softball, runner on first base; batter flies out to center fielder who overthrows first in an attempt to double up returning runner. Ball enters dead ball area. Is the award from the time of throw or time ball went into dead ball area? Is runner awarded one or two bases?

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ANSWER: Runner is awarded two bases from last base occupied (first) at time of throw; hence, runner is awarded third base (BB- Rule 8, Sec. 3, Art. 3, c). In (SB), two base award is gained by position of runner when ball left fielder’s hand. Despite returning to base, runner is awarded two bases ahead of original base thereby going to third (Rule 8, Sec. 4, Art. 3, e).

QUESTION: Runner is on second base; batter has three balls, one strike count; next pitch is a wild pitch for ball four which gets stuck in backstop. How many bases are awarded to the runner and batter-runner? (1 or 2).

ANSWER: Runner gains a one base award to third on wild pitch; batter-runner only gains a one base award due to ball four (BB- Rule 8, Sec. 3, Art. 3, d; Rule 8-1-1.c) (SB-Rule 8-1-1, c and 8-4-3, c, Pen.).