Thank you to Wendy Norris

Dear Editor:

I want to thank-you for publishing Wendy Norris’s letter in response to my letter in which I argue that good men are not the enemies of women. It means a great deal to me because a newspaper editor from Minnesota did not publish my letter, but felt compelled to write me a very unprofessional email diagnosing me from halfway across the country as being a “borderline Narcissist.”

My wife found this to be humorous as she said “Gee, Stew, I’ve never heard of a narcissist who has the low self-esteem and low self-confidence issues that you do.” I discovered later that this editor has a side-business helping female victims of narcissistic men.

In any event, I have decided to walk away from having been an ally and supporter of and for women’s issues as I have been told several times that “No woman wants to hear what any man has to say about sexual harassment” after I had a letter published in which I stated that I am very concerned about this problem having been sexually harassed myself by a female college professor when I was 25 years old.

So, I will leave women’s issues to women and bow out gracefully.

By the way, in the late-1970s, I was the first male Ph.D. student in Sociology in all of Canada to take and pass the Sociology Ph.D. comprehensive area specialization examination in “Women’s Studies.” I am still certified and qualified to teach college courses in Women’s Studies. I used to be very proud of that, but not anymore.
But I still want to thank Ms. Norris for “getting it.” She sounds like a wonderful human being.

Stewart B Epstein