Congress must stop detaining immigrants

Dear Editor:

What is happening at the U.S. southern border in not just a national emergency, but an international humanitarian crisis. Not to mention that it is also vile, deplorable, embarrassing, expensive, ineffective, and morally wrong. I urge Senator Booker, Senator Menendez, and Rep. Sires to please get involved in closing these detention camps/concentration camps/child jails down.

The photograph of the father and daughter who drowned in the Rio Grande merely for seeking their human right to seek asylum is heartbreaking and the situation is unforgivable. People must be allowed to seek asylum at U.S. borders in accordance with the law and with the dignity they deserve! It is outrageous to me that children are being separated from their parents under the most heinous of reasoning and false pretenses. Families who seek to enter the U.S. must be kept together. Children who arrive alone must receive the care you would see given to your own children or children in our own families.

I know that our congressional leaders are not in support of this administration’s disgusting racist policies. I want them to know this resident of NJ supports their opposition and urges them to fight harder against this evil.

Erica Hernandez DeLuna