Migdalia Pagan-Milano for Hoboken’s First Ward Council seat

Dear Editor:

We write to express our strong and unwavering support for our friend, Migdalia Pagan-Milano in her campaign for the 1st Ward City Council seat.

As a lifelong Hoboken resident, Migdalia represents the best of our city. Born at St. Mary Hospital and a graduate of the Hoboken public school system and Hoboken High School, Migdalia has a deep knowledge and appreciation of her hometown. Migdalia has given so much to her community by working on behalf of the residents in the city’s cultural affairs office, starting at just 19 years of age.

Migdalia helped put together some of the most well-known cultural affairs events the City has put on, including the Arts Fair, and last year helped reestablish Hoboken’s Constituent Affairs Office. In this role, she assists residents on a variety of issues on a day to day basis, which she loves doing because she loves our city and the wonderful residents who live here.

Most notably, when it was discovered in recent fires that many Marineview residences had defective heating units, Migdalia was one of the first people who rose to the occasion through the Constituent Services office to ensure the manufacturer would replace them. She went above and beyond to get this done, which shows her ability to deliver real results for her community on important quality of life issues.

Unlike her opponent, who only comes by when it’s time for re-election, Migdalia will be there for us, because she cares deeply about her neighbors. She promises to hold regular meetings for residents in Marineview, and fight for us when we need it. She will ensure we have a true voice in city government, and we wholeheartedly endorse Migdalia Pagan-Milano for the 1st Ward Council seat.

Annette Chaparro, Assemblywoman
Terry Castellano, Former 1st Ward Councilwoman
Eileen Carvahlo, 1st Ward Committeewoman