NJ government leads in embarrassment

Dear Editor:

Everyday we see a governor who strives diligently to lead progressively, but honestly, he just cannot. He chose to surround himself with just the wrong people. People who are great at raising money and spending money and only worry about optics. Those individuals should be terminated.

The first mistake is the case of Katie Brennan. Where were all the #meToo and #believeher activists? Why did they not protest a Democrat governor? Yes, they were silent because the smart people are now waking up to the fact that politics is now becoming more and more of a Broadway play. It is seriously a joke. The governor may have spoken out against Brett Kavanaugh and supported his accuser but did nothing when a real time situation arose in his administration. The governor even had the great audacity publicly back the toxic idiots who did nothing. A real leader would hold accountable people who had knowledge and did nothing. The top people around the governor are toxic.

I think it is great that the governor announced free Narcan by some selected drug stores, it really is. The reality is that Narcan should be available for a minimal or no cost and the cost picked up by the state in order to make it readily available to save lives. Where are the free drugs for the seniors, or the poor or middle class? Why would the governor also add into his budget a $21 million dollar tax on prescription opioid medications? The money raised will only go into the general fund for the state and not specifically dedicated for any opioid recovery programs. The tax will essentially also raise the cost for consumers in the long run and hurt the middle class and do nothing to help solve the opioid crisis.

The third mistake is zero accountability and zero transparency. Here we are in 2019 and we want to talk transparency but there is zero transparency regarding so called Dark Money in New Jersey politics. You know the money that comes from LLCS, 501c6s, 501c4 and PACS etc. Why doesn’t the governor take the Lead? If the governor truly wanted transparency, then support a bill that states all must reveal themselves for all donations above $1,000. I mean, why not? Could it be that the governor’s own relationship with Senior Advisor Brenden Gill and the PAC New Direction NJ will raise eyebrows? How can the governor have a senior advisor in government, who also runs a lobbying firm. Sure, I am sure this is okay with most NJ politicians but this is 2019, so if you promise something then just do it. In 2017, Brenden Gill stated he would disclose all donors because transparency was a key part of the Murphy Agenda but has since released no further info.
I am sure we will continue to move on in NJ politics with more of the same, zero transparency, higher taxes on everything and no one with balls enough to tackle the real issues holding NJ back from being a badly managed state in every way possible except NJ Transit Funding.

John Milan Sebik