Crisis at the border

Dear Editor:

Dear Rep. Albio Sires and Senators Bob Menendez and Corey Booker:

We have an urgent and dire crisis at the border. I’m asking you to put aside all political differences with the other side in Congress and do the right thing for the American people, not party first! Please fix the immigration problem.

According to the White House website, the U.S. cost of illegal immigration is: Cost this day, $370,590,528;
Aliens crossed in 2019: 661,734; total cost this year: $118,279,749,632; total aliens in USA: 26,419,954.

We could virtually feed, provide housing and healthcare and counseling for the U.S. homeless twice or three times over with the money we spend on illegal immigration.

Mr. Sires, it really is a sad commentary on the Congress of the United States of America when Mexico has done more in the past two weeks than Congress has in the past 30 years to control our southern border.

Please put away any partisan differences over immigration and act today to fix this problem. Especially act to fix the “asylum” laws that are presently abiding and abetting America being flooded with illegal immigrants!

Thank you,
John Amato