Man arrested in Hoboken on alleged weapons and drug charges


A 23-year-old Jersey City resident, Luis Williams, was arrested July 15 after an anonymous call was made reporting a man with a gun, according to a press release from the Hoboken Police Department.

At 5:41 p.m. the police department received the call with a description of a man who allegedly had a gun, as well as the license plate number of a car he had just exited. Detective Paul Quin and Officer Connor Milne found the car parked near the 300 block of  Harrison Street.

At 7:25 p.m. a man got into the driver’s side of the car along with another man who entered the passenger side before the car drove away from the area. Quinn and Milne followed the car before stopping it in the 300 block of Fifth Street after they saw alleged car equipment violations.

The man was then asked to step outside of the car to speak with the officers. When doing so, he appeared to be allegedly nervous and continued to look back at the car. Lieutenant Corrado Allegreta requested the canine unit from NJ Transit to respond while officers continued the motor vehicle stop.

The canine unit conducted a sniff of the exterior of the car and the dog gave a positive indication by the passenger side of the car. Officers read the man his Miranda Rights and he allegedly confirmed there was a gun in the car.

The police searched the vehicle and found it to allegedly have a .40 caliber gun, a magazine with 14 hollow point rounds, 11.8 grams of cocaine, and 115.8 grams of marijuana.

Williams was arrested and charged with unlawful possession of weapons, possession of weapons for an unlawful purpose, certain persons not to have weapons, possession of hollow points, possession of a large-capacity magazine, possession of a controlled dangerous substance and more.

He was later processed and remanded to the Hudson County Rehabilitation Facility.