Scooters, but no helmets?

Dear Editor:

While “Hoboken officials debate e-scooter referendum” (The Reporter, July 11), here’s an irony: while little 3-year-olds wearing big hot plastic helmets scoot along our sidewalks at the pace of about a mile a year, adults on e-scooters race along our roads, 30 mph, in traffic, wearing no helmets!

The only way a toddler on our sidewalks could be killed is if an air-conditioner in an upstairs window fell on his head, about a trillion-to-one chance.

What a windfall for the helmet-makers and their friends in the NJ Legislature to make parents believe that it was mandatory for their child to wear a helmet. Millions were sold, are still selling. While it is not actually required by law, few parents know that it is not; and those who do know are made to feel shame and guilt for not “protecting” their child.

Eventually someone on an e-scooter without a helmet will be killed or injured. Just as helmet-makers for toddlers knew the right people in the legislature to help them sell millions of them, so, too, do e-scooter-makers know how to not require their customers to wear helmets, because many fewer adults would pay to ride the scooters if they were required to wear them.

T. Weed