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QUESTION: In high school, baseball and softball, can a courtesy runner (CR) be used for any position player at anytime during the game? Must the (CR) be designated at the pre-game conference?

ANSWER: The offensive team may use a (CR) for only the pitcher and catcher positions at any time during the game. This (CR) must be a substitute who has not participated in the game. The (CR) privilege is not required to be reported at the pre-game meeting but such (CR) must report upon entering the game. (BB- Rule 10 Speed Up Rules; SB- Rule 8, Sec. 9, Art. 1-3).

QUESTION: Can the same substitute act as a (CR) for both the pitcher and catcher? If the pitcher and/ or catcher reach base safely and the (CR) enters to run for either one, is this considered a withdrawl/ re-entry procedure?

ANSWER: The same individual may not serve as (CR) for both positions; one (CR) for the pitcher and a different (CR) or the catcher. The use of a (CR) is not a straight substitution; hence, pitcher and/ or catcher have NOT left the game as per substitution rules. Once a (CR) enters the game as a substitute for any position player, he/ she may no longer serve as a courtesy runner. (BB-Rule 10; SB- Rule 8, Sec. 9, Art. 1-6).

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