Response to “End Mass Detention Centers Now”

Dear Editor:

Dear Panther Saidipour: In response to your letter posted July 25th, yes, the detention facilities at the border are overwhelmed. However, the quickest way to end the mass detentions of illegal immigrants is to stop illegal immigration. In America, when you commit a crime – which entering this country without permission is -you will be arrested and detained.

The problem of illegal entry is not new. Illegal immigration has been an increasing problem and topic of concern even back when Barack Obama, George Bush and Bill Clinton were president. But the reason detention centers are so overwhelmed now is because Congress has been dragging their feet in stopping illegally entry into our country, allocating funds to ease the burden on ICE’s detention resources, and refining the asylum process.

Have you been to the detention centers yourself and seen the appalling conditions you speak of? Please post pictures from your visit showing those horrific and inhumane conditions you refer to in your letter. Maybe then Congress will do something constructive to help the situation.

Christine Peters