Woodstock – 50 Years Later

Dear Editor:

August 15 – 18 marks the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, the “Aquarian Music Festival.” The Beatles helped to introduce a generation. Woodstock defined that generation.

To some, Woodstock symbolized a “euphoric utopia,” the final chapter of an era focused on expression, experimentation, exploration, and extremism. To others, Woodstock represented a peaceful protest against a sad, political, and “unwinnable” Asian war and those social injustices that plagued society in the 60’s – and, to some extent, continue to haunt the nation.

Woodstock had a significant impact on American culture. For the first time, performers, musicians, activists, and the audience – some four hundred thousand of them – stood solidly united in a global celebration of peace, love, understanding, and harmony. Woodstock was about sharing and getting along with each other. It was about acceptance and tolerance.

Considering how ruthless, materialistic, and predatory the music industry has become, I seriously doubt that there can ever be another Woodstock Music Festival similar to what had occurred at Bethel, New York.

Given that, is it any surprise that Woodstock 50 fell apart at the seams?

John Di Genio