Where not to wear the hijab

Dear Editor:

Dear editor:
Here’s an email I sent to Rep. Ilhan Omar:
I emailed you recently praising your courage in addressing a taboo subject, AIPAC’s overweening influence on Congress, but advising you to take off your hijab in Congress, because it will be used against you and the Democrats.

I warned you that the hijab, to many, maybe a majority, of Americans, appears not only foreign, but threatening, and this is because Islam, and Muslims, have been demonized for years by our media. What I warned, and you didn’t heed, has come to pass, and you have become a Poster Girl for Trump and the “send her back” crowd. Take it off! You are not in Somalia, you are in America’s Congress, on TV in front of millions of Americans who see you as FOREIGN, can’t you understand?

The Koran, the Prophet Mohammed, did not mandate the wearing of the hijab, the veil and the hijab was forced on women by the Wahhabi Saudis, who feared woman’s sexuality and kept them locked up. Take it off, show your hair and beautiful face, as an American black woman, not a FOREIGN black woman. If you keep wearing it, keep your FOREIGN face in the news, seen as a threat to America, you will ensure the re-election of Donald Trump. Is that what you, as a Democrat, desire?

T. Weed