Zero solutions for flooded residents of Bayonne

Dear Editor:

I will offer my suggestions as a resident.
Identify the frequent flooded areas.
Identify the root cause.
Identify the residents affected and get them on a flash flood text or email list.
Direct Suez to provide ideas or possible short term solutions.
Conduct meetings with residents in these areas until issues are mitigated or at a minimum provide correspondence to them.
Identify β€œLow impact Development” Technologies such as on site source controls, rain barrels, rain gardens, downspout disconnections, permeable pavements, infiltration trenches, tree box filers, etc) which would curb the amount of rainwater/stormwater in the CSO.
Apply to the NJ Infrastructure Bank for zero cost or low cost state funds and assistance for Water Infrastructure Projects.
In closing, I believe that all affected residents deserve better. They deserve a better response, they deserve a better answer and they deserve representatives who are on the ball, stay on the ball and show they truly care, are concerned and show action. It is almost the end of the summer, and these residents should have been contacted months ago for meetings, for answers, for help. It’s great to just say that everyone is working together, state, local, and company reps for the residents best interest, but with zero action taken and no answers, this meeting served no purpose and showed every resident that everyone was working on absolutely nothing.

John Milan Sebik