Bayone-based Stanlaw Fitness Center is offering a free trial week for personal training and group exercise.
Bayone-based Stanlaw Fitness Center is offering a free trial week for personal training and group exercise.

Local fitness center offers free trial week after grand opening

On Monday, Sept. 9 Stanlaw Fitness, a fitness center in its fifth year of operation on Broadway, will be celebrating the grand opening of its new location. There will be a ribbon cutting at 676-678 Broadway. Stanlaw Fitness is a personal training and group exercise studio that works with everyone from beginners and seniors to seasoned gym rats, and everyone in between.

Stanlaw Fitness owner Mike Stanlaw’s personal mission is to help everyone get at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day.

In celebration of the center’s new opening, Stanlaw Fitness Center is offering free trial weeks for new members. To schedule a free week, call 201-339-1400 or email

Five workers sustain chemical burns at IMTT

On Aug. 28, Five workers at International-Matex Tank Terminals (IMTT) were hospitalized after sustaining chemical burns during an industrial accident.

While neither fire officials nor IMTT were clear on what caused the accident, there was a resulting sodium hydroxide leak. IMTT is at Bayonne’s former Military Ocean Terminal, adjacent to the IMTT Bayonne Terminal Fire Department, which protects 700 acres of the terminal from any kind of industrial accident.

Deputy Fire Chief Stephen Peterson said on Aug. 28 that Bayonne’s Fire Department assisted in evacuating the area and addressing the leak.

“At 3:07 p.m. today, the Bayonne Fire Department responded to 2 Commerce Street (IMTT property) on a report of workers with chemical burns,” Peterson said in a statement. The Bayonne Fire Department provided support to the IMTT Fire Department, which was already on the scene, in removing injured personnel from a Sodium Hydroxide leak.”

IMTT owns and operates 19 terminals throughout North America, and is largely responsible for shipping and handling liquids in bulk. It works with crude and refined petroleum, hazardous chemicals, oil, and renewable fuels.

Sodium Hydroxide has a highly caustic base and alkali, and can cause severe burns at ordinary temperatures. It’s used in many industries, including paper, textiles, soap, detergents, drain cleaner, and food preparation.

Board of Education hires new business administrator

The Bayonne Board of Education hired a new business administrator, Daniel Castles, at the most recent meeting on Aug. 26.

Castles is the current business administrator for Keansburg’s public school district, which is where new superintendent John J. Niesz was employed prior to being appointed in Bayonne in June.

Having worked extensively with Castles in the past, Niesz spoke highly of Castles to the press regarding his capacity as a business administrator.

Board of Education Trustee Michael Alonso initially abstained on the resolution to hire Castles, effectively blocking the measure since the vote had to be unanimous (5-0). That’s because four trustees on the board, Ava Finnerty, Charles Ryan, Jodi Casais, and Vice President Denis Wilbeck, each have at least one relative employed by the district.

The hire was made after a closed session.

Grab your paddles

Paddle the Peninsula is just around the corner. From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sept. 7, a crowd of kayakers will cruise Newark Bay, entering the water from the boat launch at 16th Street-DiDomenico Park.

Participants can bring their own kayaks, or sign up to use the ones provided at the event. Onshore activities at the park will include a barbecue, games, and music provided by a DJ.

The boat launch is west of Avenue A, and below the end of West 16th Street.

Registration is required. To register, call Jackie in the Bayonne Public Works Department at 201-858-6131.

“Paddle the Peninsula will provide fun for all participants. We look forward to this great event, which will take advantage of Bayonne’s prime location on the Newark Bay waterfront,” Mayor Jimmy Davis said.

Kayakers must be 18 years old or older, but the onshore activities are open to all ages.

Flea Market on Sept. 14

Bayonne’s Division of Recreation will host the annual flea market at the 56th Street Senior Center on Sept. 14 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The flea market plans to have items for everyone. There will be toys, jewelry, clothing, household items, antiques, pictures, estate sales, and more.

To secure a free table at which to sell your items, call the Senior Center at 201-437-5996 and ask for Ralph.