Getting involved for our kids!

Dear Editor:

It is a scary word for many, especially educators. However, for our students to succeed in an ever-changing world, we must be the voice of change for our students.
When lawmakers decide on education policy, many of them, sadly, don’t have the classroom experience to know how these laws will affect our students. It may seem daunting to add one more thing to our plate but knowing what is going on in the legislative world can help us speak out for our children by contacting our local representatives to help them make changes that are beneficial to all.

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The Power of Words.
Did you know that our words matter not only to our students, they matter to their parents, our legislators, and the whole community. “If it isn’t broken, why fix it?” can be heard within the education world, but in fact, it is often said by non-educators. Legislators can’t fix what they don’t hear.

How will our lawmakers know what’s broken if we don’t tell them? We need to let our legislators hear our concerns as well as the solutions we may see that they have the power to put into action.

What is something we know is unfair to our students and our fellow educators? Is it unequal funding? Is it lack of diversity? Lack of mental health support? We can start by researching those who represent us. They are our state assembly men and women, our representatives in the House of Representatives, and our State Senators. We can find out what bills they are supporting and if these bills become laws, how will they affect our schools.

There are many ways to participate in our legislative process to make real change that will positively affect our children and their education.
Attending parent/school advocacy information sessions is another way to get involved.
Writing and submitting letters to your local newspaper can also be a great way to start.
I have written a few opinion letters specifically about facility funding for charter schools and about the importance of teacher diversity in our state. Like many of you, I didn’t know where to start but have found that by writing, people will read my thoughts and want to engage in action for our students.

Roseangela Mendoza

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