Franco the Fighter

Dear Editor:

My family and I have known Peter Franco for over 5 years. We have volunteered alongside him at the soup kitchen and share his passion for helping others in our great community.

In addition, to his volunteer efforts to help those in need, Peter is most recognized for his advocacy of Bayonne residents. He attends every council meeting. He has been the only constant voice for the regular working-class people and reminds the city council of the struggles we face from quality of life issues to affordability every opportunity he gets.

His actions have shown that he’s not afraid to stand up for what he believes in. Over the years, we have watched him take on politically-connected contractors and wealthy developers who were cutting corners and trying to get over. He’s called out dishonest actors in our local government. This is why I know he will make a great councilman; a councilman we deserve.

Recently, he identified a major issue for the residents of a senior and disabled housing building located at 159 W 2nd Street. About a year ago, the Bayonne Housing Authority changed the laundry machines from being operated by quarters to a token system. For whatever reason, a token change machine was never installed in this building.

For 11 months, elderly tenants have had to travel over 2 miles to the nearest token exchange machine to be able to do their laundry. Those who lack the ability or cannot find a ride often wash their clothing in their kitchen sink. Peter made it his mission to bring this to the public’s attention and contacted the housing authority immediately.

It has been his selfless service to the community that has separated him from all the other candidates in the race. Peter already has my family’s support and I hope you have the opportunity to meet him and see for yourself why he is the best choice for city council.

Pedro Encarnacion