The Other Side of Valor

Dear Editor:

This present culture has exasperated and illustrated a serious divide. Patriotism has taken a back seat especially by famous and venerated citizens who feel betrayed for assorted reasons, and have chosen to display,publicly, by their actions, their angst! This has become a prevalent part of our culture in our century. Other voices echo, military voices, patriotic voices, political voices take their place
in this everyday verbal tug of war.

The media has exploited much of each side labeling it news for ratings and has become inflammatory on every new page or computer opinion. Social media has taken a stance on both sides for ratings and an uptick in their stock in trade.

The pulpits across the nation echo the theme of Forgiveness and Brotherhood which seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle. Abraham Lincoln mentioned that a nation divided against itself cannot stand, and that we as a country can destroy ourselves from the inside. This is happening in our present age. Is there a solution? Can we
find it before we lose America?

Margaret O’Brien