Solving Bayonne flooding is a no-brainer

Dear Editor:

My wife and I moved to Bayonne almost two years ago. Since our move, during heavy rainfalls, we have experienced flooding problems on a consistent basis. Our neighbors say this has been going on for 20 years.

In my neighborhood, posters appeared on poles one day calling for residents to demand answers. The posters disappeared after 24 hours.

I read articles in this publication on this subject. I see a five-year study has been completed, and I read that it will be at least 20 years before this problem is corrected. Really? Twenty years added to the 20 years before?

I see where officials blame global warming for the flooding problem. Of course the increase in the severity of storms is tied to global warming, but the real problem is inadequate infrastructure and an apathetic culture in our public utilities.

To echo a letter John Milan Sebik on this subject, absolutely nothing at all is being done. Our elected officials and public utilities are derelict in their duties. I read where one official says “that figuring out which areas will be hit the hardest is highly unpredictable, because storm patterns are patchy.” Again, really? Every time it rains, it floods the same intersections. You do not need a five-year study to figure that one out. The city of Bayonne needs to step up and solve these issues on a short-term and long-term basis. That is what our tax dollars are for. If they will not do this, the folks of Bayonne need to elect people who will.

Chris Hanson