Support the Museum and Honor the Excellent 11!

Dear Editor:

Please join us at the Chandelier on Saturday, October 12th as we honor the “Excellent Eleven”. We will be honoring: Neil Carroll, LTC. Isabella DeMarco, LTC. Dr. John “Jack” Smith, Congressman Cornelius Gallagher, Tony Goodson, Congressman Frank Guarini, John Nicaretta, Frank Perrucci, 1st LT. Richard A. Rutkowski, Chief James “Jimmy” Sisk, and Chuck Wepner. These remarkable men and women bravely and nobly served their country and continue to serve their community. We are asking you to help fill the Chandelier to maximum capacity and show your support; while also raising money to support the Joyce-Herbert Post 266 Veterans Museum.

Since 2006, the Museum, located at 16-18 West 9th Street, has preserved and celebrated our local history. Moreover, since its inception the Veterans Museum has partnered with the Bayonne Board of Education’s Social Studies Department to educate thousands of school children about our City’s proud contributions to military service. Each year, Bayonne students along with other districts visit the museum, pledge the flag, and have a chance to listen to some of our “Excellent Eleven.”

We hope you can both join and support us as we make the evening of October 12th a night to remember!

For tickets, sponsorship info, 50/50 raffles or journal ads, please call Post 226 at 201-858-1416 or visit us on Facebook at “Joyce-Herbert VFW Post 226 Military Museum.”

Thank you for your support!!
Matt Klimansky
VFW Centennial Gala Committee