The election registration deadline blues

Dear Editor:

As a Bayonne taxpaying property owner, I was ready to attend the August scheduled meeting on WEDNESDAY August 28, 2019. It was posted in the locked box in the lobby at city hall, and also posted on the BEN -TV calendar of events Education Channel 77, also August 28.

On TUESDAY August 27th I discovered the monthly Wednesday meeting took place on Monday. Doesn’t the public need to be notified at least five days before a meeting is “pre” scheduled?

I am convinced that the Board of Education and City Hall do not want interested taxpayers to know what is going on at these meetings.
Believe me, there is a lot going on at these meetings and it’s all on TV. That’s if it’s LIVE TV, or if the trustees don’t go into “closed session”. BEN -TV scheduled the board meetings for THURSDAYS at 9 p.m. After waiting all week, sometimes it was NOT on BEN -TV.

Furthermore, I kept hearing from the board for months that the meeting notices are on the bulletin board in the lobby at city hall. They were NOT there. They were in a locked box in a dark corner by the City Clerk’s Office with no lighting, and a heavy piece of machinery on concrete wheels was underneath the locked box. The Department of Public Works removed the machinery and put up a very small ceiling
light which I could not reach. Again, today the machinery was back under the locked box and the light was turned off.

Last but not least, I almost missed the July 29th DEADLINE for the nominating petition for school board trustee because my registration form that I filled out at the City Clerk’s Office on JULY 15th was NOT SENT up to the HUDSON County Superintendent of Elections Office. I had to appear in person on the July 29th DEADLINE at 257 Corneilison
Avenue in Jersey City so that I could be on the ballot for the November 5th election.

Evelyn Sabol