Bayonne Reads holds novel discussion Oct. 6

Dear Editor:

Last spring, with the support of BCB, a group of like-minded people launched Bayonne Reads: One Book, One Community. Bayonne Reads was created to celebrate literacy and to bring community members together to have civil discussions about important issues. Given Bayonne’s proud military history, we selected “The Things They Carried,” one of the best works of fiction ever written about the Vietnam War.

Please join us for a discussion of “The Things They Carried” on Oct. at 6:30 p.m. at BCB, 860 Broadway. Refreshments will be served. Participants only need to bring a copy of the book and an open mind.

Some copies of The Things They Carried are still available free-of-charge on a first come, first serve basis at BCB, 860 Broadway. More information about Bayonne Reads can be found at our website,

We hope to see you there.

The Bayonne Reads Committee