Bike Lanes On Bergen Avenue A Clear and Present Danger

Dear Editor:

I have lived in Jersey City all my life and never have witnessed a more dangerous circumstance that the new bike lane on the east side of Bergen Avenue from Montgomery Street to Sip Avenue.

It is obvious that those who planned this lane have not truly witnessed the amount of pedestrians and traffic that utilize Bergen Avenue in this section from early morning until late in the evening. The new lanes reduce the prior lanes of traffic on the east side of Bergen Avenue and directly affects the safety of those in the area of Hudson Catholic High School, St. Aedan’s Church and Public School #11 and the many businesses frequented on Bergen Avenue.

Prior to the bike lanes the traffic and pedestrians in this area at any given time was excessive, this bike lane extending from the sidewalk taking up a large portion of the street was used for parking. Now the parking extends into the street eliminating a lane of traffic.

It is noted that the children are endangered entering Hudson Catholic and PS #11 and the church goers at St. Aedans and throughout the entire area.

Yes, we need to respect all persons and take into consideration the safety and well being of our residents. These bike lanes are a clear and present danger to all in the area.

Robert B. Knapp