Dear Editor:

It is difficult to watch how the Democrats are falling all over themselves with glee in trying to impeach the President, they fail to realize they are seriously damaging the democracy of this country by trying to undo the will of the people. They are attempting to make this country a banana republic where elections are overthrown and the powerful elite rule. It is baffling that these same legislators can justify and turn a blind eye on Vice-President Biden demand for the Ukraine prosecutor, who was investigating his son, to be removed from his position or else the Ukraine government would forfeit millions of dollars in aid. And more shocking is Hunter Biden allegedly accepting $1.5 billion from China, a nemesis, who has built their country’s fortune by stealing this country’s wealth. What nefarious deal was made for China to pay nearly $2 billion dollars to Biden? That would explain why VP Biden, when recently talking about China said, “they’re not competition for us”. How could anyone defend this communist country? Is this quid pro quo bullying and corruption acceptable to the Democratic Party? Corruption destroys democracies, look no further than Venezuela. In President Trump private conversation with President Zelensky, there was no mention of the loss of foreign aid or bullying. President Trump was trying to find out the origins of who stole two years of his presidency with the false narrative of him being a Russian agent by getting access to the original servers. There is nothing wrong with investigating the roots of these false allegations and how Biden used his power to stop an ongoing investigation. The President did not ask for anything in the future, he was inquiring about something that had already happened. That is a big distinction. Let the people decide in November 2020!

Helen Nicpon