Steps to Solve Climate Change Being Taken in Hoboken and Congress

Dear Editor:

I was excited to read about Hoboken taking more steps as part of its Climate Action Plan by purchasing hybrid fire vehicles in your article “Hoboken Fire Department introduces hybrid vehicles.” I’m very appreciative of Mayor Bhalla and his colleagues for their consistent work to address this global crisis.

Fortunately, Hoboken isn’t the only government taking steps to address the climate crisis. Despite what often comes across in the news, big things are happening in the US Congress. A bill in the House of Representatives called the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act would reduce carbon emissions by 40 percent in just twelve years. It now has an incredible 64 cosponsors, including our local Representative, Albio Sires. To top it off, it has bipartisan support!

In addition, in the Senate, Republican Senator Braun and Democratic Senator Coons just announced that they are forming a bipartisan climate working group to find solutions.

I’m hopeful that these steps being taken by both local and national governments will lead to us solving climate change in the near future. However, none of these steps happen without ordinary citizens advocating for action by their elected officials. To help drive the effort in Congress, consider volunteering with Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL), a nonprofit, nonpartisan grassroots lobbying organization. CCL’s Hoboken chapter can be reached at We have lots of work to do!

Nicholas Robinson