The King Snake and The Rattlesnake

Dear Editor:

The Democrats are like a rattlesnake that has been caught by a king snake. You see, king snakes can and sometimes do eat rattlesnakes, and are immune to their poison. A rattlesnake will struggle desperately but somehow knows the king snake is immune, so does not actually bite him until it is about to be eaten, when out of desperation it will bite, uselessly, when there is nothing else it can do.

The Biden & Son revelations of Ukrainian and Chinese Quid Pro Quo about to come out, and other DOJ exposés that are sure to follow are as dangerous to them, and there will be nothing they can do about it. Their threats of impeachment of the king snake – er Trump – are a bluff, and their action will be such an act of desperation when it eventually comes, whether because of Biden or something later, or if the whole Russian Collusion and Steele Dossier scandal were a hoax — coming to light by Attorney General Barr.

John Amato