Millennials “Help Wanted”

Dear Editor:

Millennials claim to be the most educated generation of all, but they complain about their low-paying jobs. Truth is they’ve had little if any true education. They are the half-baked, propagandized product of the liberal elite. Much of the fault of their personal irresponsibility and inability to be self-supporting, and make decisions on their own lies with their parents who learned “parenting” from every absurd psychobabble theory of the Left.
Graduating from or leaving high school, they don’t have any skills for gainful employment.
Do the research and you’ll find a large percentage of them majored in “America Sucks,” “Racial Identity,” “Gender Plurality,” “Sexual Studies,” “Diversity and Inclusion,” as well as political science and other “liberal arts.” But very few of these majors have the knowledge that real-time employers are looking for, like Math Majors, Science Majors, Engineering, and Computer Sciences where the need in our society right now and for the future is unending. So, if millennials complain about low-paying jobs, it’s because they majored in subjects that did not prepare them for better-paid professional jobs, and better lives.

John Amato