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Education Matters Will Continue Progress

Dear Editor:

On Nov. 5th, the residents of Jersey City will have a monumental decision to make when selecting their choices for Board of Education. As a proud public school educator of 16 years and even prouder parent of a Jersey City Public School student, I can wholeheartedly tell you that the Education Matters Team, Thomas, Lyons & Verdibello, have shown courage, intelligence and emotion in their decision making and now that the Jersey City Public Schools are on the right track under the guidance of acting Superintendent Franklin Walker, the potential to make this a world class public school system is within reach.

Sudhan Thomas, Gerald Lyons and Gina Verdibello have shown fortitude in standing up to the previous Superintendent and cutting corporate consultants from their budget to replace them with much needed mental health services and classroom resources. Gina Verdibello has been a tireless advocate fighting to have the eye sore trailers removed from school grounds to be replaced with much more attractive open spaces for children to enjoy and to my delight, the results of her efforts have finally came to light. Gerald Lyons has been a fierce advocate for vocational education and thanks to him and the current Board we now have a vocational program at Dickinson High School as well as a vocational Middle School in the works on the south side of the city.

They also did their due diligence and worked together with acting Superintendent Walker to save the middle school sports program which is vital to the development of our younger teen students.

Together, with their running mates Lekendrick Shaw & Darwin Ona, they can work to make this district excel further than it ever has. Being a law enforcement officer with a teaching background makes Darwin a unique and vibrant prospect to the Board; his goals being to work on improving facilities as well as strengthening Anti Bullying programs by forming stronger partnerships with the law enforcement community and other agencies.

Lekendrick Shaw is a true public school success story. Having graduated from Dickinson High School, Shaw won several financial accolades in college and went on to work in corporate finance. He used the skills he learned to open several successful businesses right in his home neighborhood and often uses his business to give back to the community. He hopes to strengthen the career path programs within the high schools to promote a greater awareness of opportunities that exist and how students can go about taking advantage of them. I hope that on election day you come out and cast your vote for the entire Education Matters Team so they can work with Mr. Walker to build on the significant progress which they have just begun to achieve.

Mike Greco
Education Matters Campaign Manager
Proud Parent & Teacher


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