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Neil Carroll For First Ward

Dear Editor:

I want to address, first and foremost, how important it is to come out and vote on Tuesday November 5th. It is equally as important to choose the right person for First Ward Council Person. My support goes to Neil Carroll. He is my choice not simply because we have been friends for over twenty years, but because he has proven his valor and dedication to the community time and time again.

I’ve witnessed my friend work hard and fierce for this community. He’s gone door to door, talking to the people, and honestly try to help them with their concerns. He has even gone so far as to have given his cell number out to the masses, just so that they have a way to voice their concerns.

Neil was picked for this job for one simple reason; he is qualified. Over the course of this decade, he’s earned up to a Masters Degree from St. Peters University, he has enthusiastically taught history in the Bayonne School System, and has an impressive resume as chief of staff to two political giants. Moreover, he has a great family history of political and community service that goes back generations.

Most importantly, regardless of my friend’s resume, he cares about where he lives. He cares enough that he wants to take the time to represent the First Ward with all its challenges and to help each and every citizen, no matter what the issue is. I hope this short letter of support will land in a positive note. Give Neil a chance to do right by Downtown Bayonne and continue the job he has been successful at thus far.

John Buck

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