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Open Letter to the Director of NJDEP

Dear Ms. McCabe,

In your possession is substantiated evidence which shows that North Bergen-Hudson County corrupted NJDEP Green Acres with false information under Director Martha Sapp’s watch.

The illegal use (diversion) of Braddock Park by North Bergen’s 17 trailer preschool should have tipped-off Green Acres that it was dealing with unscrupulous officials, and Green Acres should have reviewed very carefully the information NB-HC sent it, related to this violation.

Instead of saying that Green Acres has higher priorities than the NB-HC diversion issue, Ms. Sapp should have said Green Acres will review its previous decisions which were based on false information from NB-HC; decisions concerning which lands were illegally diverted, and what the proper quantity and quality of required compensation should be.

What Green Acres priority is more important than ensuring that corruption does not affect Green Acres decision making, especially when state environmental and school safety regulations are violated?

Ms. Sapp should not have told the public that she doesn’t know when or if the North Bergen preschool will meet Green Acres 08-31-21 deadline to vacate Braddock Park, or if the deadline will be enforced.

If Ms. Sapp isn’t up to properly dealing with these issues, someone else who will should replace her.

In 2016, North Bergen told Green Acres that TCUs are “typically leased for five years” and “they have aged beyond their useful life.”

The TCUs will be 20 years old, come 08-31-21.
The following article detailed safety issues at the preschool:
It was more than a year after the article was published before the tree branches, resting on electric wires and the roofs of the TCUs, got trimmed.

More than 2500 petition signers are relying on NJDEP Green Acres to ensure the preschool leaves Braddock Park by 08-31-21, and that NB-HC pay the proper compensation, so that others who would violate public parks throughout NJ will be discouraged.

Robert Walden

North Bergen
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