Trump’s biggest crime

Dear Editor:

Having withstood three years of the Democrat’s contrived schemes and coups to oust the President of the United States out of office — all else has failed in the light that he’s not committed one crime.

Now, with the latest “Whistleblower’s” alleged “third party” accusation of “Quid Pro Quo” with a foreign leader, President Trump, is in fact, guilty of his “Biggest Crime.”

President Trump is guilty of the worst crime perpetrated on the “Graft-Influence-Peddling Swamp.” He is trying to pull down the multi-billion dollar clandestine cover that most politicians practice, both Democrats and Republicans. I’m talking about those voted officials who make $175,000/yr, but when they retire they start earning $$Millions (… their children, families, and donors as well).

This is the biggest con game in D.C. The president is coming after the Swamp’s unlicensed and unauthorized practice of Quid Pro Quo via the carrying out among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs, contracts, licenses, and other “Quid Pro Quo” boons of great value, a.k.a million and billions of tax payer dollars, and it’s been going on for at least 200 years into our Republic.

This is Trump’s biggest crime, and the Deep State Swamp is hitting back with everything it has. Why? Because they’re all involved, and the media is 100 percent in bed with them ala “the old boy network,” and “looking after one’s own,” where preferential treatment is the closed-eye and open-handed gift that keeps on giving.

But no other office-holder in D.C has ever even dared as President Trump to stand up to the payola, palm-greasing, hush money, and kickbacks of unadulterated corruption and crookedness that’s been going on in both parties probably for centuries.

This is the Biggest Crime of President Trump, and the Slimiest Swamp Thing is now surfacing via Trumped-Up “Impeachment” with enough votes in the House (214) to begin the process. Where the impeachment process goes in the Senate is highly unlikely, but I do not trust many a RINO and Neo-Con on the Right.

God Bless our President, and may Truth, Honesty, Integrity, and what it takes to “Keep America Great” win for our nation.

John Amato