Inaugural Art Project at Newark Penn Station initiated by NJ Transit and NJSCA

Serena Bocchino Art Installation at Newark Penn Station of three Paintings, Star Power, Soar and Over It (all depicting flight in a musical context) on the West wall of Newark Penn Station Raymond Boulevard West

Internationally-exhibited artist Serena Bocchino has just finalized four art installations at Newark Penn Station in the Inaugural Art Project selected by NJ Transit and New Jersey State Council on the Arts.

Bocchino is one of several artists commissioned to create site-specific art installations to be exhibited for 3-6 months to enhance the station that hosts 85,000 commuters each day.

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Bocchino has created two mural-sized works on Raymond Boulevard East and West on the Newark Penn Station Building. On Raymond Boulevard East is a multi-panel installation of the original painting entitled “FRESH.” The painting was fabricated into geometric shapes to activate and enhance the façade of the brick-building wall.

The art installation consists of three paintings from Bocchino’s oeuvre, “Star Power,” “Soar,” and “Over It.” All three works depict flight in a musical context. These works are enlarged to fill the 8-foot high by 26-foot long space dedicated to the art and are located on the Raymond Boulevard West wall of the Station.

Directly across the building on the Raymond Boulevard East façade, is a multi-panel installation inspired by the original painting, “FRESH,” from Bocchino’s iPOP Series.

All along the Market Street Tunnel of the Newark Penn Station, is Bocchino’s third art installation consisting of 27 panels -measuring 3×5 feet of illustrations taken from her children’s book, What Am I? The Story of an Abstract Painting. The book is based on the deconstruction of the abstract painting, “Landreach.”

Bocchino states, “It is my hope that having the book enlarged and made into an art installation, will encourage passersby of all ages to learn about the creation of an abstract painting and after spending time with an abstract painting they may actually begin to see the world a little bit differently.

In celebration of this installation and as community outreach, Ms. Bocchino and The Lucia Bocchino Fund for Promising Young Artists is donating 65 books to every art teacher in the Newark School District. The book will assist teachers in the classroom when they teach their students about abstract art and the story behind the painting includes contemporary issues of our day: inclusivity, friendship, and harmony.

The New Interior Gallery Space of the Newark Penn Station near the PATH train entrance includes two works by Bocchino that have been reproduced and enlarged to 30 x 40 inches and are under glass, titled: “Untitled 67” and “Breakthrough Blush.”