Hoboken launches e-scooter survey; hires enforcement officers


Hoboken announced it has hired two Micromobility Code Enforcement Officers (MCEOs).

The MCEOs will enforce city ordinances and regulations pertaining to micromobility devices, including e-scooters, bicycles, and e-skateboards.

The two MCEOs are funded through a revenue sharing agreement with Lime which was adopted in August.

The MCEOs will educate riders, as well as issue summonses to riders who violate the city’s laws.

The MCEOs will focus on enforcement of e-scooter violations, such as riding on sidewalks, in parks,  and prohibited areas on the waterfront walkway as well as not obeying traffic control devices.

The enforcement officers will work with Lime and the Hoboken Police Department to suspend accounts of those who disregard certain regulations.

MCEOs will partner with local organizations to lead micromobility safety and education initiatives.

Hoboken has launched an online survey to gain feedback from the community on the city’s e-scooter sharing pilot program. 

The survey is limited to one response per person.

 To fill out the survey click here .

Paper versions of the survey can be filled out in the Office of Constituent Services on the first floor of city hall, 94 Washington St., between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

 For more information on Hoboken’s e-scooter pilot program, please visit http://www.hobokennj.gov/escooters