Cruden, Ryan, Wilbeck Moving Bayonne School District in the Right Direction

Dear Editor:

My name is Bill Broderick.  I am a lifelong resident of Bayonne and could never think of living anywhere else. Bayonne is my hometown and I am proud of it.  I spent 43 years working as a teacher for the Bayonne School District, 35 of which I proudly served as coach of both the boys’ and the girls’ Tennis Teams at Bayonne High School.

Those of you who know me and my “story” also know what can happen if we don’t have people to advocate for us who are strong leaders and good decisions-makers.  Carol Cruden, Chuck Ryan, and Denis Wilbeck are the kind of people that have always had the reputation for doing what is right.  That’s why we elected them 3 years ago!

I ask your help to get them Re-Elected on Tuesday, November 5.   We fought so hard to get an elected board in this town.  Let’s not forget that.  We can ill-afford to go back to “the way things were”.

Those who have grown up in Bayonne can identify with what I am saying.  Our community made a conscious decision to get Bayonne back on the right track by petitioning for an elected Board of Education five years ago. And we won!

Many of you who are newcomers to Bayonne say that you decided to move here because you liked what you saw.  You liked the “vibe” you felt.  You are right!  We are absolutely  “the big city with the small town feel”.  We invite you to become part of the legacy that is Bayonne by participating in our school board election.

Vote by vote, we will show that what we believe as a community and the ideals we value are best encompassed in the “Commitment, Experience, Integrity” team.

I’m confident that everyone will join together to Re-Elect the three people who have earned our respect and our approval for the inroads they have already made on our school board.  On November 5, make your vote count:




See you at the polls!

Bill Broderick