Dear Editor:

The USA, according to a report just out, has spent 23 million dollars every hour since 2001, on war. Every hour, 23 million (nearly 6 trillion) on various Mideast wars, for the past 18 years. Just think what great improvements we could have made in our own country with that money! One rationale for these wars, to justify them to a skeptical public, was to bring “the blessings of democracy” to the Arabs after their rulers had been killed.

Democracy! The first war we entered after 9/11, Bush’s invasion of Iraq, was based on a lie, that Saddam Hussein had “weapons of mass destruction”. He didn’t. The war in Syria, still going on, was because the “dictator” Assad “gassed his own people”. He didn’t. What these wars did was kill millions of Arabs, make millions more homeless, and create enemies that America never had before, “terrorists” determined to strike back at their tormentors. In the 1970’s, when I lived and traveled in Arab countries, from Cairo to Fez, Americans were respected and welcomed. Not any more.

Democracy! If Americans had been allowed to vote whether to send their sons to die in a foreign ditch, they would have voted resoundingly NO! Theoretically (Constitutionally) only our representatives in Congress can decide when or whether we go to war, but these so-called “representatives” of ours take large campaign contributions (bribes) from those who profit from war, so they stay silent when our Bushes, our Clintons, our Obamas (mere puppets ruled by others) take us to war.


Democracy? We don’t even have it locally. Take the 5G technology now being installed all over Hoboken. Thousands of scientists around the world claim that the radiation emitted from 5G is dangerous, especially for the growing brains of children. When parents on my block, and on other nearby blocks, have contacted their Council members, they were told that we had no say locally, that the installation of 5G was mandated by “the government”, and our Mayor is simply obeying orders. Democracy? This new, untested 5G has the potential to fry our children’s brains, and we are not allowed to vote on it?

Democracy! After shoveling 6 trillion dollars down the rathole of war, we failed to install it in the Mideast countries we destroyed. Perhaps what America needs is for a foreign country to smithereen D.C., evict or hang our Liars, and restore, back to us, our stolen democracy.

T. Weed