Hoboken reverse angle parking hurts tourism

Dear Editor:

I am from upstate NY and I visited Hoboken and spent $400 at a local restaurant. When I returned from dinner I found a ticket on my car indicating a violation of code 39:4-135 failure to reverse angle park on Washington Street between 14th-15th street.The ticket was issued at 10:27 p.m. on a Friday night. There was no signage on Washington avenue at 14-15 street and the avenue runs in both directions.The violation costs $54.

Without signage, how could a visitor to Hoboken be an informed driver? Although I am not guilty due to the lack of competent signage, I will pay this violation and bring it to the court of public opinion.

Hoboken is unfriendly to tourists and they will reap the consequences of their foolish actions. I will not spend any money in Hoboken including travelling here to plead not guilty. The City of Hoboken is guilty and they should do something about it.

Stephen Kelly