The “Best” Democratic Candidate Is: THE GREAT IMPEACHMENT

Dear Editor:

As the radical, far left Dems scurry about in a pathological and loathsome euphoria of removing Trump via Shiftless Schiff’s fanatical disregard for anything to do with the U.S. Constitution or a thing called “Law,” Nancy is acting as henchman for the AOC Squad w/comrades in tow
• Speaker Pelosi all too well knows the Dem. Base is not happy with an Impeachment procedure “In An Election Year” (did those with short memories forgot what happened with Clinton in ’98?).
• But on and on they mount their canons with ersatz fodder and aim at an aimless target: Mr. President who has not committed one high crime or misdemeanor — but onward they march, and they must, Why?
• Because, plain & simple, Nancy her caucus know the Dems DO NOT HAVE A CANDIDATE to beat Donald Trump.
• An Impeachment Show is taking up all of the Media Air Time and detracting from the real issues which are the actual platforms and policies of their candidates.
• The far left’s looney tune platform of socialistic ideas like medicare for all (estimated to cost $60 Trillion over 10 years), free college tuition, 42% Sales Tax, 95% Income Tax — is practically supported by all of the candidates which are dwindling down to:
• Either Bernie, Pocahantus, or Uncle Joe.
• So, among their field of unelectable candidates is the perception (which IS reality) and acknowledged fact that Nancy’s best bet for a candidate to beat Trump is :

John Amato