About the Partisanship of Facebook and Social Media

Dear Editor:

If any Facebook member should mention the name of the Whistleblower –while Google already made it public in November, and while it’s all over the internet, you will be punished by Mr. Zuckerberg, who is more united in values to his Leftist/PC base than to Democracy in America–that we know as Freedom, Justice, and Liberty.
• Congress caters and caves in to Zuckerberg’s Big Bucks Campaign Donations; so it will do nothing about “FB Censorship of Conservatives.”
• But yet, they will accuse the president of “High Crimes” and “Misdemeanors” to try and impeach him with not one shred of evidence, no witnesses with “faces,” no public testimony, no legal council, no due process, and no 6th amendment right to “face one’s accuser” — truly a Kangaroo Court in a 3-year Witch Hunt — and yet they punish US for posting what is already on the internet.
• FB is not Democracy, it is Fascism. Facebook is motivated solely out of Hatred for Trump, and Fear that he will win again in 2020–and it taking it out on his supporters. [Please Share all over FB and the Internet]

Thank you,
a Fellow Patriot, John Amato