We Need A Hero

Dear Editor:

I find myself in an uncomfortable position. If you are concerned and worried and fearful and scared of the secret conspiracy of extreme conservatives to one day abolish all of the federal government social programs (especially Social Security) that help people, then you have to worry about who the Republican President will be now and in the future. If s/he agrees with these extreme conservatives, the lower and middle classes will be at-risk and in danger.

As much as I dislike him, President Trump is really not one of them. He has no political beliefs or theory or philosophy or ideology that he believes in. But these extreme conservatives do. Pence does. Pence is an extreme conservative and Social Darwinist who these extreme conservatives would love to see become President. It is actually safer for the lower and middle classes to have Trump remain in office and to be the Republican nominee in 2020 than a real Social Darwinist like Pence.

And, it bothers me that a lot of national Democrats don’t seem to care about this secret right-wing conspiracy because many of them are very financially well-off and will never need any help from the social programs while the rest of us do and will.

Yet, Trump has already ruined our country with his hateful-talk, and I believe that it is too late for it to ever be repaired. The war between the Republicans and the Democrats will never soften. It only seems to be getting nastier and uglier. We will always view each other as “the enemy.”

It looks like we will never achieve what Robert Kennedy hoped for when he said that “Our goal and task must be to tame the savageness of humankind and make gentle the life of this world.”
This is very troubling.
At this point, we need a hero.

Stewart B Epstein