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Humvee in the workshop

Students received surplus military vehicle for vocational program

Many hands will make light work in the BHS Vocational Program's new project.

The Bayonne Board of Education and the local police department were able to acquire a free Humvee (High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle) from the federal government that students in the vocational program will restore as part of their curriculum.

Humvees have been in military service since 1985 and were developed during the Cold War with a price tag of about $500,000 apiece. Now that most of the U.S. Humvee fleet has been decommissioned, the vehicles are mostly used domestically by police departments. They’re issued by the Pentagon’s surplus program, along with other military hand-me-downs that have drawn much debate.

Handy for emergencies

Heavily-armored military vehicles have been used by police departments in a wide variety of situations, and are reliable in high-water rescues, snow emergencies, and other rescue incidents.

Much restoration must be done to the vehicle before it’s in working condition. Students from Bayonne High School’s vocational program will work hands-on, delivering a vehicle to the police department equal to the tasks it could be used for.

“This Humvee will provide our students with real-life work experience,” Superintendent of Schools John Niesz said. “One of the advantages of vocational training is that our instructors are industry professionals. The opportunity to learn from someone who works in the field will give our students deep insight about what it takes to be successful on the job.”

Bayonne Police Chief Robert Geisler is optimistic about the Humvee’s use, and was glad to see that students will take part in its restoration.

“This vehicle will be extremely useful during times of severe weather.” — Chief of Police Robert Geisler

“I would like to thank the Bayonne Board of Education for partnering with the Bayonne Police Department on this project,” Geisler said. “This project is mutually beneficial to both organizations. This vehicle will be extremely useful during times of severe weather. I would like to thank the administrators, teachers, and students of Bayonne High School who are involved in this project and who are assisting the Bayonne Police Department in carrying out our mission of protecting our community.”

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