Climate change is a natural occurrence

Dear Editor:

Two months ago we had this great climate summit at the United Nations. What a horse and pony show and what a farce. Let us review the composition of our atmosphere: 78 percent Nitrogen, 21 percent Oxygen, that adds up to 99 percent. The last one percent is a mixture of miscellaneous gases. One of these miscellaneous gases is Carbon Dioxide at now 0.4 percent. It is reported that 120 years ago the Carbon Dioxide concentration was 0.2 percent. Another value to be found for Carbon Dioxide 120 years ago in scientific literature is 240 parts per million (ppm). That equates to 0.24  percent.

Considering that measuring instruments were much less advanced 120 years ago and had a tendency to under-measure very small quantities I consider it safe to assume the correct amount of Carbon Dioxide 120 years ago was closer to 3 percent. So, over the past 120 years Carbon Dioxide increased by 0.1 percentage points. Compared to the total mass of the atmosphere Carbon Dioxide increased in mass by only 0.001 percent of the total mass of our atmosphere. And this is supposed to induce this “catastrophic” climate change? Really? How much has our educational system and our press dumbed us down that so many citizens believe this nonsense?

Climate change exists, but it is a natural occurrence. It happens in 1,000 year cycles, it happened 1,000 years ago when the Vikings sailed the northern route from Norway to Newfoundland. It happened 2,000 years ago when the Roman Empire had its northern most expansion into England. The Romans were able to maintain their Mediterranean lifestyle including their public baths and olive groves. The English winters are still to cool to maintain olive groves today. Furthermore, during the Jurassic age, when we had the most lavish expression of life on earth, Carbon Dioxide concentration was 2 percent. The only catastrophe we are facing is the lies, the hatred and the deception coming from the Left-Liberal-Socialist movement as displayed during the United Nations Climate Change Summit. Unfortunately we can no longer believe what our main stream press reports. We now receive DOGMA, not TRUTH from our press. Citizen beware and do your own research!

Alexander Schenk